Machined timber

Machined timber is at the heart of Arbor Forest Products and the reason we continue to invest in our multi-million pound mill facility.

This state-of-the-art set-up ensures our machined timber is of the highest standard while achieving an exceptional scale of production capacity, which allows us to offer a large range of products ex-stock for just in time deliveries.

The Arbor Forest Products range of machined stock items contains over 450 products and includes claddings, floorings, door casing and lining sets, mouldings, shed products, carcassing, and skirting and architraves.

Our ability to deliver within 72 hours makes it hard work for our competitors to match us. We have the products that our customers need, in the quantities they require, when they want it. And meeting our exact customer requirements means less waste, fewer problems with the product, and less waiting.

So whatever you need, we’ll supply it. And if it’s not in stock, we’ll order it in – our ability to listen to our customers means we are always looking to meet their requirements.