Transport & logistics

Our innovative Warehouse on Wheels concept brings you a mixed product delivery on just one vehicle, when you want it and in the quantities you require - irrespective of the range of options you order.

Combining flexibility with time and cost savings

With a dedicated team working around the clock, covering planning, logistics, loading and driving, it’s as if we bring our warehouse to you, cutting out the inconvenience, cost and environmental impact of multiple deliveries.

At a glance

  • 72-hour delivery service
  • Nationwide coverage
  • Fleet tracking and route optimisation to reduce impact on environment
  • Warehouse on Wheels with all products delivered as mixed loads to fulfil customer needs, all on one delivery vehicle
  • Part-load deliveries minimum of twice a week
  • Up to 60 loads and 200 orders processed per day
  • A state-of-the-art fleet and technology including camera recording, live planning and updates according to road data