The investment furthers our aim to become a leading supplier of MDF mouldings to the UK market and will allow us to offer customer specials while retaining the high quality standards that our customers have come to rely upon.

What began as a relatively small MDF product range has expanded rapidly since we invested in a production unit in early 2014. Within nine months, the production line was on two shifts at maximum capacity and was fully sold out.

This success led directly to the investment in the new production unit, which will allow us to offer different lengths as well as customers’ own profiles, cross-cutting and trenching.

Managing director Jason Ostler explained: “In 2014, we invested in an MDF production unit that was the most advanced line of its time, to support the company’s ‘Warehouse On Wheels’ service, which enables the delivery of products by a single vehicle.

“We recognised that simply offering all products on a single vehicle was not enough; Arbor Forest Products needed to specialise in each product in order for the service to be attractive, and a first rate MDF production unit was essential to helping us achieve this aim.

“We are now looking for customers and orders for the new facility, and we are excited to be building on the success we’ve already seen in this area of the business.”

The new MDF production unit is currently being installed at our New Holland headquarters, and production will commence in August.