Fly through 90 acres in three minutes.

See first-hand the size and scale of Arbor Forest Products, fly through our site and explore the intricacies of our production process from a whole new perspective. To give our customers a unique experience we have invested in a meticulously crafted fly through film, using cutting-edge drone technology.

Home to over 80,000m3 of timber at any one time, our site at New Holland supplies over 300,000m3 of quality timber products to the distributor, merchant and industrial sectors annually. And for over 70 years, we have been innovating and investing in the very best technology to provide the highest standards in the quality of products for our customers.

Innovation doesn’t stop in the sawmill for Arbor Forest, utilizing first-person view drone technology, our new film, Life at Arbor, allows for an up close and personal view of the journey of a piece of wood through a £4m state-of-the-art sawmill planing line and the largest dock of its kind in the UK.

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Fly through our 90 acre site

At a Glance

Dedicated 90-acre site in North Lincolnshire

More than 70,000m³ of timber on-site

98% of products in stock at any one time

Over 300,000m³ of quality timber products supplied annually

UK’s Largest privately owned dedicated timber terminal