In fact, our MDF sales have increased month-on-month and year-on-year since 2014, receiving a further boost with the completion of our second MDF production unit, which was launched in 2017 following a £2.8 million investment, doubling our capacity.

At that time, we affirmed our commitment to becoming a leading supplier of MDF mouldings to the UK market. The increased capacity has allowed us to offer different lengths as well as customers’ own profiles, cross-cutting and trenching.

We first launched the MDF line to support our ‘Warehouse on Wheels’ concept, which enables the delivery of multiple products by a single vehicle. It allows merchants who previously struggled to buy from single-product manufacturers to also stock the product, by offering just-in-time deliveries.

By expanding our capabilities over the years, we been able to meet the needs of merchant customers supplying to a broader range of market sectors, such as the new-build housing market, where tradespeople require a wider selection of MDF products. This expanded offering and ability to anticipate the market’s needs have directly resulted in the strong MDF sales growth posted across the past five years.