That’s why we’re launching this new series which introduces some of the Arbor Forest people and gives some insight into their career path – starting with Toby, our maintenance engineer and former apprentice. Now in his fourth year with the company, Toby is passing everything he’s learned onto the next generation of apprentices, even helping us out with a presentation at his old college, Humberside Engineering and Training Association (HETA), for an apprentice recruitment day.

Name: Toby Scoffin

Job: Maintenance engineer

How did you start working with Arbor Forest Products?

I first joined the company as a multi-skilled engineering apprentice back in 2017, so this is my fourth year with the business. When I joined, I was a second-year apprentice, following a year at the HETA, where I’d been learning engineering and core workshop activities. HETA specialises in training for the engineering industry, so it was a really good grounding for the work that I do now.

How did you gain the necessary skills to step up to your current role?

In the years since I joined as an apprentice, I’ve furthered my learning on engineering theories and practices which were established during my college year. I have also gained an understanding of the machines and processes we use across the site at New Holland – and this has helped me to learn how to correctly organise my workloads and correctly prioritise work based on what the company needs.

I’ve also spent some time gaining myself an insight on electrical control and I’m keen to continue with this as the technologies involved in production are constantly being modernised – as our new planing line shows. By keeping up with the technology myself I can help Arbor Forest to keep ahead of our competitors and make sure we’re always doing the best by our customers too.

What makes Arbor Forest Products a special place to work?

The company continues to grow – which is great for me as there are always new things to pick up. New challenges mean that I’ve been able to keep developing, something that I want to keep doing throughout my career.

It’s great to have the opportunity to pass on what I’ve learnt to new starters too. A particular highlight for me in the past year has been having a new year two apprentice on shift with us – I’ve really enjoyed passing my skills and knowledge on to him, and it also allows me to reflect on how far I have come in such a short time.

What’s next for you?

I am looking forward to working in the newly expanded sawmill, with the new production line now getting geared up for operation, so I’ll be learning how this line works and helping to keep it running smoothly.

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